8FBN (Counter Balance)

NEW STANDARD BOASTING THE ADVANCED SAFETY We have employed the new AC motor and AC drive system to improve the efficiency of the motor and controller as well as improving the overall efficiency by collectively arranging the hydraulic devices. We have also improved the energy recovery efficiency by newly developing the "pedal stroke detection & brake regeneration". Through these improvements, the operation time has been extended by approximately 5% compared to that of the conventional vehicle equipped with the same capacity battery. Also with SAS (option), the vehicle speed is automatically controlled or limited according to the vehicle state taking into account of the lateral stability due to the uplift or load at the time of turning. Ensures the outstanding stability combined with the effect of the High-mount Rear Axle. Also with the anti-roll back function equipped and with the accelerator pedal and brake pedal are released, the vehicle is allowed to gradually and slowly travel down on a ramp or sloping road after a brief stop.