At our Toyota forklift service centre, we have many professional mechanics team ready to serve you on maintenance service for your Toyota forklift with speedy and efficient operation. We can rest assure you to provide our best service through 14 branches covering the whole area nationwide with more than 200 service vans. So, you can trust in our high quality services of Toyota standard. That is our great key success to provide the most satisfaction of all customers requirements.


To keep the highest efficiency of forklift ready for heavy duty, you can design the inspection period of forklift and replacement of liquid by yourself as the following details.


After Sales Service

Service Contract Checklist
(All Packages)
Forklift Type
Engine Electric
Every 1 month (12 Times / Year) Fork lifting system ok ok
Every 2 month (6 Times / Year) Hydraulic system ok ok
Every 3 month (4 Times / Year) Turning control system ok ok
Every 12 month (1 Times / Year) CPU board system no ok
Own design OPS system ok ok
Transmission system ok ok
Driving system ok ok
Engine and LPG system ok no

Remarks: The number of warranty days after service will be varied upon spare parts type