Training Operator

At present, forklift is one important equipment for every industrial sector to drive the business for greater profits. Meantime, the mishandling of forklift will lead to a larger damage for business as well. From a minor accident that may occur oftenly and cause of property damage through the biggest disaster of fatal accident. So, the standard control of forklift operation is very important for all business owners and users to focus on. Enhance the knowledge and understanding on forklift operation safely. To avoid any risky factors from mishandling of forklift for the sustainable business growth.

Qualification of forklift operator

1. It is necessary to be trained

The driver must be trained for forklift operation according to the law and must obtain the driving license.

2. Realize the duty and responsibility

The driver must always realize the safety by checking the forklift conditions before usage and be aware of any possible accident that may be harmful to people, machinery and other property.

3. Be ready

The driver must always be ready on both physical & mentality, such as no drinks, no sickness, etc.

4. Follow the rules & regulations

The driver must always obey the rules & regulations of the company strictly in order to minimize the risks.

Develop the forklift driving skill correctly & safety

The forklift training program will be focused on enhancing the good skills and attitude of forklift operation correctly and safely. That will help reduce any possible accident risks which may impact to your business and your organization's image.

  1. Increase the knowledge & capability in forklift operation control to maximize the efficiency for the best performance of your business.
  2. Increase maintenance skills of forklift in correct ways to minimize any unnecessary maintenance cost.
  3. To enhance the correct behavior of forklift operators.
  4. To help the organization comply with the law from the government.