With the production standard of Toyota forklift in Japan under the strictly quality control from professional engineering team of forklift, all imported forklift units to Thailand are the highest quality standard and worth to purchase. Because at Toyota we care and focus on the customer's satisfaction as first priority. The quality of Toyota forklift is well recongnized as the number one sales in the world.

The series of Toyota forklift have been guaranteed for the highest durability and stability from the users worldwide. With the strongest materials of the structure and excellent management system to design our forklift for heavy duty workload that customers can experience its powerful operation with the highest safety.

Newly innovative forklift with the full functions of operation that can fulfill your requirements in all aspects easily. It has been well accepted for easy handling and comfort from customers worldwide.

The series of reach truck that come with the intelligent innovation functions can settle any problem of warehouse operation easily. Our various forklift and stacker series will be provided for your best choices to maximize your comfort and resiliency of work.

The series of special forklift order picker have been designed as tailor-made model to fit your requirement for materials & cargo handling inside the building with the highest safety. We can ensure you for every moment of high place operation with the highest efficiency.

We can support any solution for you to handle the cargo with our high quality series of Toyota towing truck. That will help your cargo handling more efficiently.

We also can serve you on various industrial materials handling equipments for cargo management in every work from the from the special attachment for forklift's safety throughout the smart automatic transportation system.