The starting point to change into the mode of automatic system from AGV Key Cart to support the cargo carrying in horizontal direction to provide the higher efficiency, safety and human less operation. With the innovative design by the specialized engineers, providing the compact body, precise but durable that can operate in the indoor area either warehouse or production lines. You can design the running tracks of vehicle up to 100 different routes. Meanwhile, there are many other options to respond your needs. If you are looking for the high performance Automated Guide Vehicle under the affordable price, the AGV Key Cart is the best answer to cover all your requirements.


The easiest way to control the vehicle with your own designed to order and set up the running route by using simple Excel program, no complication. Then you can control the operation of all AGV units under one screen and change the layout easily by excel program.


3 simple steps to operate the AGV Key Cart.
1.) Setting the layout and excel program.
2.) Install magnetic tape.
3.) Uploading the program to AGV Key Cart. That’s it !!


Item Unit Specification
Type Standard type Tow type
Travel direction - Forward Forward/reverse (opt.)
Battery capacity (5 hrs) V/Ah 32 (opt.)
Key Cart dimensions Overall length mm 1,085 1,110 730
Overall width mm 495
Overall height mm 250 (Std.) / 315 (Battery side removal spec.) 800
Cart weight kg 75 (inc. batterties)
Wheel base mm 400 (when moving forward) / 450 (when reversing) 500
Min. guide tape radius mm R600 or C500
Max. Load
When loaded kg 200 (when traveling at 30 m/min. or less) / 100 -
1-point towing kg 500
3-point towing kg 50 -
Max. speed m/min. 50
Wheel size/
Drive wheels mm 125/urethane
Casters mm 75/urethane
Min. above ground height mm 12 (drive unit)
Road surface level difference mm 5 (when traveling at 15 m/min.)
Road surface undulations mm 10 (within cart body plane of projection) (when traveling at 15 m/min.)
Floor construction - Concrete construction, bar arrangement depth: 70 mm or more
Road surface finishing - Assumed coefficient of friction at design stage: 0.6
(3 min. rating)
% 3 (with 200 kg load) / 1 (when towing 500 kg)
Steering system - 2-wheel differential speed steering
Ambient temperature range °C 0 to 40
Ambient humidity range % 20 to 100% RH (no condensation)
Operating environment conditions - Standard indoor environment
- There should be no dust, oil mist, or corrosive gas.
- There should be no exposure to rain.
- The road surface should not be wet or have puddles
- Optical sensors should not be exposed to direct sunlight
- There should be no exposure to thermal shock.